Armoured Vehicles Latin America Market Report 2016-17

Latin America's diverse geographies and its unique experience dealing with complex, dynamic insurgencies and transnational criminal networks sets the region apart from its global allies in many respects and, indeed, is critical in shaping requirements for and use of armoured vehicles for contemporary military operations and homeland security. Persistent threats to national security and public safety inside and beyond national borders necessitates a persistent need for armoured vehicles, which supply a critical blend of protection, mobility, adaptability and lethality for the military and police. On a strategic level, the region has a significant international voice on defence and security matters. Setting a precedent to the rest of the world with its contribution to peacekeeping is just one example of this, whilst countries like Mexico, Brazil and Colombia are building advanced defence industrial bases with increased investment into S&T. This year’s Armoured Vehicles Latin America report takes a look at the last year of developments in the region to build the framework for understanding ahead of the associated Armoured Vehicles Latin America conference.

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