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Peruvian Army Attendee List

Download now to view sample attendee list from the Peruvian Army. 


Peruvian Armed Forces' Heavy Armoured Modernisation Programme

View Brigadier General Harold Lucho Avendaño, Evaluator Technical Committee (CETO) of the Peruvian Armed Forces' update on their Heavy Armoured Modernisation Programme (Ugarte Project) from International Armoured Vehicles XV here.

Colombian Marine Corps 2014 Update

View Major General Hector Pachon Cañon, Commanding General of the Colombian Marine Corps' update on their general operations and plans from SAMSEC 2014.


Latin American Armoured Vehicles: Market & Holdings Overview

Brush up on the latest approximate holdings, current requirements and future prospects across the armoured vehicles market in Latin America and the Caribbean. From the major developments in the likes of Brazil and Colombia, to the more niche security needs of Suriname and Ecuador, this short article provides quick insight into the region's progress...

Veículos Blindados América Latina: Inventário e planos para o futuro

Espera-se que os países da América Latina continuem seus processos de modernização das Forças Armadas nos próximos anos, com prioridade na Força Aérea e na Marinha, além de outras capacidades de guerra eletrônica e cibernética. A demanda por veículos blindados na região deve sofrer um leve aumento, mas a América Latina responderá por 4.7% do mercado global de blindados, no próximo ano...

Colombian Armoured Vehicles Overview

2015 has reinforced the dynamic of operational demands that Colombian Armed Forces are currently facing. In January, it was announced that 32 8x8 wheeled combat vehicles would be purchased in order to enhance security measures along the Venezuelan border. Defense Minister Juan Carlos Pinzón told the press that the nation’s military is now “stronger, more modern, and more capable” than ever when it comes to dealing with present and emerging threats. Colombian armoured vehicle solutions are likely to continue facing a situation of low-cost but effective weapons employed by the adversary, to which security forces will need to counter with advanced protection equipment. Should guerrilla groups be pressured to dissipate, possible power vacuums within these groups present the risk of reignited violence...

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Armoured Vehicles Latin America Market Report 2016

The Latin American defence market remains largely active thanks to continued modernisation requirements and the economic dependence on both local industry and internal security. However, potential for market growth, particularly when it concerns armoured vehicles, is difficult to predict, with some nations seeing contracted budgets (such as Brazil, Venezuela and Argentina) and others upping expenditure (including Mexico and Peru). As such, the latest figures see a little movement up or down for total regional spending...[Read the full report]

Armoured Vehicles Prospectus 2016

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Latin American armoured vehicle programmes and requirements [Infographic]

Want to find out the latest programmes and requirements for armoured vehicles in Latin America? View our infographic revealing key projects in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Peru and more...


How will Latin America's defence spending boom stimulate armoured vehicle procurement?

Latin American countries are expected to continue individual drives to modernise their armed forces over the coming years, with the air force, navy, and other electronic and cyber warfare capabilities prioritised. The demand for armoured vehicles in the region will witness a slight increase, but Latin America will account for just 4.7 per cent of the global armoured vehicles market into next year...

Brazilian Guarani picks up speed

March 2014
This month, the 33rd Motorized Infantry Battalion, under the15th Mechanized Infantry Brigade, will be receiving the first 13 VBTP-MR Guarani armoured personnel carrier, making it the first regular army unit to be issued with the new vehicle. Meanwhile, an 8x8 variant rolls forward for the Marines, and a 4x4 vehicle, under the same project, is set to receive international tender in Q2 2014...


Brigadier General Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant, US Army Armor School

Brig Gen Leopoldo Quintas, Commandant of the US Army Armor School, explains the benefits of the Armoured Vehicles conference to his duties, including the value in being able to use the occassion to meet with his counterparts and swap notes on the future direction for collaborative forces.

Why attend a Defence IQ Armoured Vehicles conference?

The International Armoured Vehicles conference series began in the UK this year, and across 2014, will travel to Brazil, Estonia, Ethiopia and more! Missed the event? View the video and discover what Defence IQ delivered for the global community and book your place at one of our next market-leading conferences...

Brigadier General Bodgan Tworkowski, NATO Allied Land Command HQ

Speaking at IAV 2014, Brig Gen Bodgan Tworkowski, Deputy Chief of Staff, Support, NATO Allied Land Command HQ, explains how useful the Armoured Vehicles conference is to him as he has witnessed the industry move from being a local market to a global one, in which ideas and partnerships are more frequently executed on a multinational level.

General Sir Peter Wall (Chief of British Army) and General Sher Karimi (Chief of Afghan Army)

Having toured the exhibition space at the 2014 International Armoured Vehicles event, the heads of the Afghanistan and British Armies stand shoulder to shoulder to heap praise on the event and the opportunities that it provides to forces hoping to forge a path ahead for land forces in tomorrow's changing world.